Our mission statement

Our company

We are an owner-operated, medium-sized company with a long-standing tradition in the area of electrical engineering. We offer complex concepts in automation and industrial service for customised future-oriented solutions. We benefit from and make use of the knowledge gained by our employees over many years in many projects and work with them towards achieving sustainable growth in our specialised areas in future for our globally-active customers. We continuously develop our range of services and aim to secure our long-term future based on customer orientation, our service philosophy and our expectations with regard to quality.

Our market

The prerequisite for a high degree of acceptance in the market is fast and flexible adaptation of services to constantly changing market conditions and customer requirements in the economic sector. To ensure customers opt for our services, we are aware of the need to act and react quickly, flexibly and reliably at all times thus not only allowing us to actively influence our position in the economic market, but significantly determine our standing with our customers. We set high standards and ambitious objectives for ourselves and will also continue to press ahead with this measure and continuously expand on it in future.

Our operating sites

Our network of branches, consisting of 6 facilities in North and Central Germany, guarantees our customer optimum quality, competence, professionalism, accessibility and flexibility. In addition to our headquarters in Hamburg which covers all business domains, we operate branches that specialise in certain technical areas and also, together with our headquarters, support all areas of business. In doing so, we share skills and knowledge acquired over the years across all operating sites and areas of business. This ensures proximity to the market and customers and particularly also short decision-making routes.

Our customer

The requirements of the customer are the focus of our day-to-day activities. We aim not only to meet the expectations of customers but also surpass them with customised efficient solutions in tandem with comprehensive service. Customer orientation, retention and loyalty are among our most important objectives. Sustainable action and ethical principles are important aspects of the collaboration with our customers and are the basis for mutual trust and partnership.

Our daily work is informed by the laws, guidelines and regulations that apply in our industry. Furthermore, we are committed to compliance with the strict quality requirements and occupation health and safety provisions of our existing integrated management system which is in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 und SCC** and has been in existence for many years.

Our employees

Qualified, committed and motivated employees are the basis of our success. The performance of each individual employee contributes towards the success of the company and plays a part in achieving our corporate objectives. The prerequisite for this is for employees to gain further qualifications and share their knowledge und experience. The development and support as well as the satisfaction and motivation of our employees plays a central role in company policy and allows us not only to secure further development of the company on a continuous basis, but also more importantly to create varied interesting and challenging areas of activity and tasks. We also place a great deal of emphasis on a good working atmosphere and collaboration based on trust which the long-term association of our employees with the company ultimately reflects.

Our competence

Our competence is based on our multi-facetted portfolio of products and services combined with the know-how of our employees. It ranges from consultation and planning through to production, assembly and maintenance in virtually all areas of electrical engineering – all provided as a one-stop service. We single-mindedly continue to develop our services, and in so doing attach special importance to the added value of our customers. Also once a project has been completed we continue to provide our customers with support at all times with comprehensive service solutions – irrespective of which aspect od support is currently required.

Our philosophy

The quality and reliability of our services has made us successful throughout the existence of the company which has lasted for more than 65 years. Also in future – true to our guiding principle „Quality, that connects - we establish your connection with the future!“ – we aim not only to satisfy the expectations and requirements of our customers but also surpass them with the knowledge and experience of our employees. At the same time we know that long-term success is only possible if we maintain a customer relationship based on trust and partnership and do not loose sight of their needs. This is not just our aspiration, it is a significant part of our company philosophy.